Overall planning of medium-term and long-term development (2013~2030) of ZR Group was generalized: “complete an upgrading task, achieve two transfers and carry out eight strategies”.


▲Complete One Upgrading 


Utilize macroscopic scale of new industrialization and new urbanization, combine “industry & finance” and “industry-urbanization”, to make an optimization adjustment from “one body with two wings” group strategy to upgraded “one body with two wings” group strategy. Make prominent and sustainable contribution to Hezhou economic and social development;


The future strategic subject: integrate power generation and supply assets and aluminum electronic assets, to fully release coordinative effect of power generation and supply—aluminum electronic industry. Based on eco-industrial park, it develops into an electricity-aluminum value-added industry cluster. The core industry of aluminum electronics enters the world’s first-class rank;


Future strategic wings: form considerable financial and real estate blocks, form financial tool support and lever profit model with electricity-aluminum value-added industry cluster (explore marginal value of industry development);


▲Achieve Two Transfers


“Transfer of group development mode”: the operation mode of the group achieves evolution from “selling products” to “selling stock right” in general. It transfers from emphasis on industry development to integration of industry and finance, as well as two-wheel driving and grows to an “investment group” with new force in domestic.


“Transfer of group holding mode”: ZR Group’s governance, management and control mode, talent development, enterprise culture construction step into “keep improving” advanced stage from the primary stage of standardization, showing spirit of “ZR People”.



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