Since foundation of the company, under strong support of the municipal government and care of all sectors of the society, ZR Group has depended on its own courage, faith and perseverance, to arouse all its efforts to work hard, passing a solid and clinging development road. Based on sustainable and stable development of holding subsidiary-Guidong Electric, ZR Group devotes its efforts to forging aluminum-electronics industry chain headed by Guidong Electronics, and is engaged in construction of fields such as finance, real estate, energy trade, water supply and development of electronic industrial park, to gradually grow into a comprehensive and diversified group company, so as to gain remarkable performance. 


Reviewing the past, we are grateful. Looking forward to the future, we make concerted effort. Diligent and clinging ZR people will take past achievements as starting point of new journey, make full use of various advantages of the group in resources, tightly grasp good opportunities from the history, adhere to the spirits of “honesty, zeal, innovation, greatness” and insist on business ideas of “Enterprise thriving from technology, win-win cooperation”, take electricity-aluminum value-added industry as strategic main body, take finance and real estate as strategic wings, fully implement the strategy of upgraded “one body with two wings”, continuously create new economic growth point, insist on diversified sustainable development road, so as to make the group company solid, strong, great and excellent.


We will take firmer confidence and more tenacious will, to create a new situation of ZR Group, write a new page of ZR Group development and make more efforts to develop social economy and construct harmonious society. 


We are willing to go forward together with friends, to create a beautiful future.


Chairman, Secretary of the party committee, Song Hongzhou

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