Guangxi ZR Group Development Co., Ltd. is a solely state-owned limited liability company approved by Hezhou People’s Government, taking the glory mission of participating major project construction, cultivating and developing resource superiority industry, expanding national asset, accumulating treasure and serving Hezhou’s development. Business scope includes investment and development of major infrastructures such as electric power, investment and development of electronics, electronic elements and aluminum products, investment and operation of real estate, finance, securities, tourism and hotel, development and construction of industrial parks, as well as energy trade, etc.


The group has 10 wholly-owned and holding enterprises. By 2016, the group had total asset of RMB 141.56 billion Yuan, net asset of RMB 31.02 billion Yuan and more than 3000 staffs. The group company and its member companies gained honorary titles such as “Guangxi excellent enterprise”, “Top 50 Guangxi enterprises”, “national high-tech technology enterprise”, “Guangxi creation enterprise” and “Guangxi aluminum electronic talents highland” successively.


The group takes electricity-aluminum value-added industry cluster as strategic main body, takes finance and real estate as strategic wings, to comprehensively implement the strategy of upgraded “one body with two wings”. At present, projects of the group’s electricity-aluminum value-added industry cluster “high purity aluminum--plain foil of electronic aluminum--electrode foil--aluminum electrolytic capacitor--electronic complete machine” have all been constructed and will be put into production.


The group will gather planning targets of “complete one upgrading, achieve two transfers, and carry out eight strategies”, adhere to enterprise spirits of “honesty, zeal, innovation, greatness”, insist on principles of green development, innovative development and sustainable development, to expand business scope with profits. The group will insist on the development way integrated of industry and finance, to develop quickly and strongly, to promote industry upgrading. It will abide by value proposition of “professional investment, improve value, realize value”, give play to state-owned investment guiding role, to fully release state-owned capacity driving force and influence and lead cluster development of high-tech industry, so as to become an international first-class enterprise. 

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