“Integrity with trust, great virtue”, integrity is our primary quality. Our “integrity” is a multi-dimensional system: the emotion is embodied in “five loves”: love ourselves, love families, love position, love enterprise and love the country. Our “integrity” is shown in “five deeds”: responsible for the company, responsible for colleagues, responsible for customers, responsible for shareholder and responsible for the society. We will become an excellent enterprise company undertaking social responsibilities, to undertake the enterprise’s responsibilities and obligations for the nation.   




“Focusing on target, with endless effort”, insistence is the will standard that shall be abided by us. With initial strategy, clear orientation and consistency, we will push our strategy. In favorable circumstance, we will be strong and intelligent, to take opportunities and strive for best performance, as well as guard against arrogance, to accumulate properly. In hard situation, we will be firm and calm, not make a concession and give up, with perseverance, to stand the racket and keep plastic. Considering danger in safety and in danger is deep meaning of “insistence”. At any time, we will have crisis awareness as if treading on thin ice and keep full fighting will and firm step, change crisis to power. 




 “Sincerity for far development, innovation for strength”, innovation is a permanent trend that shall be abided by us. Thought creates value and innovation decides the future. Innovation is a kind of breast and vision, as well as a kind of attitude and standpoint, which embody respectable tolerance of “innovative regulation, greatness lies in capacity”. Everything can be improved, thus we should take mindset and courage of study, improvement, adjustment and correction to inherit and abandon, affirm and deny, to adopt good points to compensate for our own shortcomings, with freeness, so as to keep compatible forever.




“Practical usage of things, best and excellent”, excellent is our consistent pursuit of target. Excellent is high requirement of result quality. Pursuit of high quality is our best method for social responsibilities. We practice our value only through creating excellent quality for the society. Only by pursuing faith and practice of high quality can value be improved, to guarantee healthy development of the enterprise and facilitate local social flourishing.

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