ZR Group’s Mission: play a role of state-owned investment orientation and lead development of high-tech industry


ZR Group’s vision: become international model of electricity-aluminum value-added industry cluster development


Meaning of ZR Mark

1. The mark is recreated to be like the moving earth, with smooth shape and line, representing great industrial development, entering the whole world.

2. The mark is implanted Chinese eight-diagram-shaped appetizer in outline, with the harmonious concept of coordination of two poles. The appearance is like “8”, belonging to “divinatory symbol” in gossip, meaning big fortune and great profit and representing cooperation and win-win between enterprises. It echoes with the moving earth, indicating containment, innovation and excellence of the enterprise, passing on the philosophical thought with a long history, life and growth as well as supplement of each other. It is successful combination of Chinese traditional culture and modern aesthetics.

3. It takes the first English letter “Z” of ZR as creation element, meaning integrity and honesty of the enterprise, and sunrise industry.

4. Pure blue is symbol of technology, conforming to the enterprise’s broad breast, the spirit of never giving up and calm features. Blue is also the symbol of the sea, having the meaning of all rivers running into sea. Orange symbolizes resources and enthusiasm.

5. The figure is rigid and soft, with mutual promotion. Strong color contrast shows that the enterprise does its best to make greater achievements. 

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