Help Co-construction



ZR Group and fixed-point poverty alleviation Zhaoping County list Rende Village of Wujiang Town as co-construction unit. Since 2012, the company positively performs enterprise’s social responsibilities, to collect money to promote poverty alleviation for many times. It invested to build school road and improve primary school conditions successively. At the same time, it promotes development of special plants such as sealwort and sarcandra glabra, to help people enrich their family.


Guarantee Staff Right and Profit



It carefully develops signing of consultation on the basis of equity of collective contract and wage collective agreement, to maintain staffs’ legal equity. It establishes normal system, and actively develops activities of sending warmth in Spring Festival, as well as helps students in autumn and emergency poverty alleviation. It collects proposals and suggestions of staff representative carefully, with handling and answer rate over 100%.


Make Earnest Efforts to Promote Public Good 



Make earnest effort to promote public good and organize young volunteers to actively develop activities such as tree planting, blood donation without payment and “learn Lei Feng”.

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