Guangxi Hezhou Nikkei Guiyin Technology Co., Ltd. (Guiyin Technology for short) was founded on September 25, 2013, invested by Guangxi ZR Development Group Co., Ltd. and Japanese Light Metal Co., Ltd., with registered capital of RMB 50 million Yuan and 51% of shares holding of ZR Group. The company is based on ZR Group “electricity-aluminum” value-added industry cluster, focuses on developing and producing high efficient, energy-saving and environmental-friendly high purity aluminum products through absorbing advanced technology and management experience of Japanese Light Metal. 


The company introduces word first-class segregation production equipments and technologies from the shareholder Japanese Light Metal Co., Ltd., which can produce high purity aluminum ingot with purity of 99.996%, thus fills the blank of the technology in Guangxi. At the same time, it also becomes one of several enterprises having the technology in domestic. The company’s products have good electrical conductivity, plasticity, reflectivity, ductility and corrosion resistance as well as extremely low magnet conductivity, which are mainly used in aluminum foil, as well as fields such as aerospace, chemical industry, military and transporting. The company’s products have higher added value of products and profits, as well as market space, thus the development in the future is very wide.


First-class equipments and technologies as well as first-class staff team make the company have strong confidence in industrial competition. Excellent product quality, advanced management mode and good after-sale service will become operation and management essence of the company. The company will make full use of advanced technology, rich management experience and excellent resource conditions of both shareholders, to give play to various advantages, devote itself to forging a joint venture enterprise with low cost and high efficiency, so as to become the benchmark of modernization enterprise in Hezhou.



Guiyin Segregation High Purity Aluminum Project



High Purity Aluminum Ingot


Management idea of the company: four targets

Create satisfactory products for customers

Create power for development of local and international society

Create happiness for staffs and their families

Create profits for joint venture enterprise


Cultural essence of the company: master the future together 

Different cultural backgrounds and different thoughts

Cooperate hand in hand for cohesion of force

Manage wonderful future of the enterprise together.


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