Guangxi Hezhou Guihai Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. was founded on December 30, 2010, which is a limited reliability company invested by Guangxi ZR Development Group Co., Ltd. and Beijing Wufeng High-tech Co., Ltd. in intangible assets share. The company has registered capital of RMB 100 million Yuan. The factory area is located in Guangxi Hezhou Electronic Technology Ecological Industrial Park, covering about 159 mu. 


Project Phase 1 of Electronic Aluminum Foil is the first one to apply segregation high purity aluminum method to produce electronic aluminum foil in domestic. The project’s total investment is RMB 765.09 million Yuan, which can form the ability to produce 18 thousand ton anode electronic aluminum foil and 20 thousand ton aluminum alloy hot rolled plate. The annual sales amount can reach RMB 1.15214 billion Yuan, with profits of RMB 145.86 million Yuan. Tax paid is RMB 91.56 million Yuan. The project is not only major project of electronic technology ecological industrial park, but also major industrial projects of Hezhou and autonomous region.




Guihai Aluminum Factory Aerial View


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