Guangxi ZR International Trade Co., Ltd. is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangxi ZR Development Group Co., Ltd., founded in June 2014, with registered capital of RMB 60 million Yuan. The company is a professional foreign trade company, mainly engaged in coal import and export as well as purchasing and sales, iron ore import and export as well as purchasing and sales, and import and export businesses of electronic aluminum foil, electrode foil, electronic parts, electronic material, electronic complete machine, building material, hardware, chemical material and products, dangerous chemical products (except explosive and inflammable ones), local specialty and articles of daily use.


The company’s trade scale is increasingly expanding at present. With favorable opportunity of development in middle and western areas, the company devotes itself to enhancing the group company’s integration of value chain of upstream and downstream industrial chain, and focuses on developing novel trade modes such as brand agency, so as to become the industrial leader of Chinese trade service.


Good reputation and comprehensive service are our purpose.


We hope warmly: we will create the wonderful future together.

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