Hezhou Electronics Technology Eco-industrial Park is located in western suburb of the city center, with a planning area of 12.23 km2. The park is planned and constructed according to national high-tech park, and takes electricity-aluminum value-added industrial cluster as core, to forge a circular economy mode of special aluminum industrial chain “high purity aluminum—electronic aluminum foil—electrode foil—aluminum electrolytic capacitor—electronic complete machine”. At the same time, it introduces high-tech industries such as environmental industry, technical integration industry, solar energy utilization, and high energy battery, new material and new resources. It will establish a comprehensive high-tech ecological industrial park integrated with production, scientific research, business, office and residence. 



Overall Planning of Hezhou Electronics Technology Ecological Industrial Park


▲Hezhou High-tech Service Center Project



Effect Picture of High-tech Technology Service Center


The project is a new one constructed by Guangxi Hezhou High-tech Venture Capital Development Co., Ltd., located in Hezhou Electronics Technology Ecological Industrial Park. The total area of the project is 44033 ㎡, with plot ratio of 3.44 and total building area of 223933㎡. In order to meet scientific research, achievement transformation, incubation of technology-based enterprise and life, residential demand of scientific research personnel, the project provides services such as good office, transformation environment, intermediary service and residence. The main construction content includes commercial office, enterprise incubation area, enterprise acceleration area as well as supporting services such as hotel, commerce and apartment.


The project has two construction phases. Project Phase 1 will start in 2015 and be completed in 2017. Project Phase 2 will start in second half year of 2016 and be completed in 2019.


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